Each month, we like to share with you how God has brought hope and a new beginning through the ministry of Addicts Victorious. In addition to the current Testimony of the Month, we invite you to read testimonies from our archive.

Prepare to be blessed as you read how God's love and grace completely transform the lives of a variety of people.

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     “I had the perfect childhood, I grew up in church and had a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. However when I was in my teens I got involved with drugs and Satanism. I turned my back on God, became a Satanist and worshipped the Devil. I robbed homes, I hurt other people and myself physically. No one can understand the power of the darkness unless they have been there. I lived that life for 30 years and at one time had sold my soul to Satan. When I was on Meth and shooting up I was living a nightmare in a ‘dream' world. While crying out to God, I saw Him and He delivered me from meth and I fell away again and switched from meth addiction to alcohol.

      "When I was put in a treatment center I saw a pamphlet about Addicts Victorious. I contacted them and went through the 5-Day Biblical Counseling Program. While in the program I found total deliverance through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and was totally set free from the bondage of alcohol and Satanism. Ever since then everything has changed! God has totally changed my life and I have been motivated by the Lord to share with everyone His love and the freedom I've found.”




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